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This assignment was to redesign class search and classes interface of MyKU. MyKU is Kutztown Universtiy's student portal, where students can view and register for classes or anything related to Kutztown University. The current site has poor organization, things are hard to find, and isnt user friendly. Below are the steps I did to make this site easier to use.

Step by Step Process

Process flows of Current Site

The first step of the process to create a process flow of the current MyKU class search and classes interface. The process flow highlights how bad the current system is and highlights several pain points

We next anaylized other websites that have register or shopping features.


Next we created Personas with senarios for people who may use MyKU site

Features List

List of features of site redesign

Revised Process Flow

Final process flow for MyKU redesign


We created a whole bunch of paper wireframes for desktop and mobile.

User Testing

Script Questions


1.You want to add an CDE workshop (CDE 140) to your schedule because it will fill a requirement for this semester. However, you want the class to only be on Monday/Wednesday because you already have 3 classes on Tuesday/Thursday.

2.After 3 weeks into the semester, you realize your Psychology class is not what you thought it would be, and you would like to Withdraw from the class. However, you aren't sure how the process to Withdraw from a class works. You want to find out where to withdraw from the class.

3.After your advisor meeting, you now know what classes you need to take next semester. You have selected several of those classes at different times you want and you want to see what these classes would look like in a schedule format, so you could see what your schedule could possibly look like if those class times stay open.

4.You suddenly realize you only have 3 semesters left at KU. You want to figure out how many credits you have taken so far at KU, and how many you need left to graduate.

5.You took Professor John Ronan for ENG 24 Last semester and you really enjoyed his class. He told you that he teaches an upper level called ENG 126- Sports Lit. You want to see if this class will fill your English requirement.

6.You are viewing what General Education classes you still need to take. You see you still haven't filled the History requirement. You want to find a History class and save the class for later.

7.You like to have a hard copy of your schedule on your wall during the semester. You want to view your schedule and print it out. You also want to add your schedule to your google calendar, so you will always know when you have class.


8.You forgot your registration time was 10am and you don’t have access to a computer. You want to register for classes on your phone, that you have already saved.

9.You are walking to class with a friend and they are telling you about a new Geology class that is called Geology of National Parks, offered in the fall taught by Professor Friehauf. You really like Geology and you want to find the class and save it for the Fall Semester.

10.You are walking past a professor's door and you see a sign telling students that signing up for next semester classes is soon. You want to look up when your advisor is available and when your selection time is to register for next semester.


Questions 7,8,9,10 were very successful, user was able to complete questions very easy and wasnt confused

User was confused with Question 2. User clicked on Drop & Swap instead of Withdraw. Clicked on it because they wanted to get rid of the class.

Question 5, links werent working, but correct buttons were clicked

Questions 1,3,4,6 user had trouble completing

UX Pin Prototypes



XD Final Prototypes



Prototype Videos


In conclusion, I learned the UX is a serious problem with MyKU. The process to search and register for a class is confusing, tedious, and frustrating. With this project, I learned the process of UX design and the steps it takes to complete a design