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The final project of the semester was to create a prototype and design of a mobile app. I decided to create an app called Find My Field. Find My Field is an app where you can find local sports fields in your area, as well as connect with other players in your area. Social networking meets sports.

Step by Step Process

First Process Flow

I next anaylized other apps that had similar features to my app, and created moodboards of inspiration


Next I created Personas with senarios for people who may use my app

Features List

List of features in App

Revised Process Flow

Final process flow of Find My Field App


Next, I created alot of paper wireframes of my app

User Testing

Script Questions

1. You recently moved to a new town, and you want to play soccer again. However, you don’t know where there are fields you can play at. You want to find a field with good field conditions and 24-hour facilities close to you.

2. You found a soccer field to play at, and now you want to save the field, so you always have the details and directions

3. You recently made an account; however, you want to sign back in with your Facebook account.

4. A few days ago, you found a basketball court near you, and the courts were very nice. Now you want to go back but you can’t remember how to get there.

5. You found a basketball court near you that you really like, and not a lot of people are ever there. You want to play a pickup game there and meet new people with an event.

6. You are looking at your favorite soccer field, and you see a few people are there playing. You want to message the first one and see how long he will be there.

7. You want to play in basketball tournament in your area. You want a way to check and see if there are any events near you, if not, you want to start one yourself.

8. You found a soccer field to play at today, and you want to let other players know and your friends that you are there, to see if any of them will join you there.

9. You have been using the app quite a lot and have made many contacts, you want to see how many friends you now have.

10. It is wintertime and it is extremely cold outside; however, you still want to train, you want to see if there are any indoor soccer fields near you.


Questions 1,3,7,8,9,10 were successful in both tests

User 2 was confused with Question 2. Didnt find where to save field for a while, was looking in favorites instead of saving field to favorites.

Question 4 was failed by both users. User 2 didnt complete question 5. They went to favorites instead of creating an event.

UX Pin Prototype

Invision Final Prototype

Prototype Video


In conclusion, I learned the process of creating a Mobile App, and how to design for mobile. I also learned how to start with an idea and turn that idea into an app.