The Stone Soup story revolves around a clever man with a charismatic personality who can get people to help him when their first instinct is not to. This is the aspect of the story that folklorists have focused on. In varying traditions, the stone has been replaced with other common inedible objects and therefore the fable is also known as axe soup, button soup, nail soup and wood soup.

Keeping with the stone theme, our founder William Ring was the original 'cast iron connoisseur' and has collected multiple types of cast iron from around the world including Germany, Italy and China. While on his travels, he would always find a different version of his favorite childhood book, Stone Soup, to take home to his three little girls.

Comfort food is what brought this restaurant to life. The feeling you get when eating your favorite homecooked food is that same cozy feeling you have while reading your favorite book. We hope that this restaurant will be an experience around the world that will bring you true comfort and love of good food.