Sink the Ship - Documentation

Ted Strohler


Create a project that is interactive (either in real-time, or previously generated by an interactive process) that exists in either a physical environment or on the web. If the project is web based it cannot be a “traditional” website that conveys static information, it must be dynamic and generated by some means of “creative coding”.



1. 3d Printer that compares the top hashtags and every time one is used it will add another layer on top of that section.

2. Conductive Buttons with top hashtags for that day that project the graph and story behind them on wall and are interactable.

3. WeaveSilk style generator that the user can then print out.

4. Facial recognition printing where the user can decide what filter to choose and print their own picture to take with them.

5. User takes a selfie that is then generated into shapes and put into the database, which can then be navigated through by similar faces/colors.

Final Concept

I want to create an interactive game in which the user rotates a controller in order to attempt to sink the boat on screen. As the user rotates the controller, the water and the boat on the screen will sway back and forth.

The sensor on the controller will input the data into the code, and once those numbers added up reach a certain value, the boat will sink and the user will win.

Materials and Process


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