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Our Mission

Sprouts is a children’s shoe company who provides a beautiful and unique experience dedicated to creating a greener earth as well as bringing success and growth to future generations one step at a time.

Green footprints

Every pair of shoes comes in a recyclable bag that serves as a carrying case and planter to grow the shoes in. Once your child wears or outgrows out his or her shoes, plant the shoes in the planter, or for best results in the yard. Within three weeks flowers will start sprouting. Planting your pair of shoes is an easy process. Located in the box will be step by step instructions on how to plant your shoes successfully with your child.

Pick us up in these new locations:

Tiny Hanger

14 Pleasant Street

Brookline, MA

Bringing Up Baby

663 E Broadway

Boston, MA


58 Claredon St

Boston, MA

Mulberry Road

128 Newbury St

Boston, MA


35 Newbury St

Boston, MA

Red Wagon

69 Charles St

Boston, MA

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